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The Ford F-150 Lightning Australia: Is It Still a Chance ?

Electric vehicles are rapidly gaining popularity, and it’s not just cars that are benefiting from the shift towards greener transportation.

Ford F-150
f150 lightning australia

Pick-up trucks, traditionally known for their gas-guzzling nature, are also starting to see electric versions hit the market. One of the most talked-about options is the Ford F-150 Lightning, which has been making waves in the US since its unveiling in May 2021.

But what about Australia? Is there a chance we’ll see Ford F-150 lightning australia pick-up on our roads anytime soon? Let’s take a closer look.

Overview of the Ford F-150 Lightning

Before we dive into whether or not Australia will get to experience the Ford F-150 Lightning, let’s quickly cover what makes this vehicle so special. As mentioned earlier, it’s an electric version of one of America’s most iconic pick-up trucks – the Ford F-150. Here are some key stats:

  • It boasts up to 563 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft. of torque.
  • The standard range version has an estimated EPA range of 230 miles (370 km) on a single charge.
  • The extended range version can go up to 300 miles (480 km) per charge.
  • It can tow up to 10,000 pounds (4536 kg).
  • It has plenty of advanced tech features like over-the-air updates and a massive touchscreen display inside.

In short, it’s no slouch when it comes to performance and capability. This is likely why it’s been so well-received in America – with over 100,000 reservations already made before production even began.

Australian Availability

So, what about us Aussies? Will we get to join in on the fun with the Ford F-150 Lightning? Unfortunately, as of right now, there’s no clear answer either way.

When asked about potential Australian availability back in May, a Ford spokesperson stated that the company was focused on the US market for now. However, they did leave some room for hope, saying “We know there’s interest from around the world and as we continue to develop our plans, we’ll have more to share.”

It’s worth noting that Australia is no stranger to electric pick-up trucks – earlier this year, we saw the release of the Rivian R1T, which boasts impressive specs of its own. However, with Ford being such a well-known and established brand in Australia (not to mention the popularity of pick-up trucks in general), it’s easy to see why many people are eager to see the F-150 Lightning hit our shores.

Potential Roadblocks

Ford F-150 Lightning Australia

Of course, there are several roadblocks that could prevent us from seeing the F-150 Lightning here in Australia anytime soon. Some of these include:

Battery Production Challenges

One of the biggest challenges facing electric vehicles right now is battery production. Without enough batteries being produced to meet demand, it’s difficult for manufacturers like Ford to scale up their production and launch new models globally.

Lack of Charging Infrastructure

Another issue is Australia’s relatively sparse charging infrastructure compared to other countries like America or Europe. While progress is being made on this front (for example, charging network operator Chargefox recently opened a new station near Adelaide), there’s still a long way to go before EV drivers can travel across the entire country without worrying about range anxiety.

Right-Hand Drive Conversion Costs

Finally, it’s important to note that as an American-made vehicle, the F-150 Lightning is currently only available in left-hand drive. This means that any potential Australian models would need to be converted to right-hand drive – a process that can be expensive and time-consuming.


At this point in time, it seems like the chances of seeing the Ford F-150 Lightning in Australia are still up in the air. While there’s certainly interest from Aussie consumers and Ford has hinted at potential global expansion, there are several roadblocks that need to be overcome first.

That being said, it’s important to remember that the EV landscape is constantly evolving. Who knows – we may see new advancements in battery production or charging infrastructure that make launching electric vehicles like the F-150 Lightning in Australia more feasible than ever before.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of other electric and hybrid pick-up truck options available to Aussies – and as demand for greener transportation continues to grow, we’ll likely see even more models hit the market in the years to come.

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