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Ford dealership employees test drive and “destroy” customer’s brand new Ranger Raptor.

According to Car Magazine, a Ford dealership employee in South Africa had a “unique” vehicle check before handing it over to the customer, causing severe damage to the car and possibly ruining his career.

This male employee even drove the new Ranger Raptor of the customer while holding a glass of water in his hand, it’s unclear if it contained alcohol or not.

According to Car Magazine, the employee of a Ford dealership in South Africa gave the customer’s brand new Ford Ranger Raptor a unique “test drive” that caused significant damage to the vehicle and resulted in the employee’s career being “destroyed.”

The employee took the customer’s new Ford Ranger Raptor off-road with some of his friends and drove at a high speed on a muddy and bumpy road.

What made viewers extremely upset and angry was that the employee drove with one hand while holding a drink in the other hand, which was not clear whether it contained alcohol or not.

The passengers seemed very excited about the employee’s performance. As a result, the Ford Ranger Raptor overturned when the dealership employee abruptly turned the steering wheel to the right.

The images from the scene show that the Ford Ranger Raptor has been severely damaged. The roof of the car is dented and the front windshield is completely shattered.

The body of the car, including the fender and doors, also show signs of damage.


The owner of the Ford Ranger Raptor only found out about the incident when he called the dealership to schedule a pickup for his new car.

With such extensive damage, the car cannot be delivered to the customer, and it is certain that the dealership will not be covered by insurance in this case.

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