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Chinese Police Cars in Australia: A Controversial Addition to Law Enforcement

The sight of Chinese police cars on Australian streets has sparked a heated debate, with concerns over privacy, national security, and economic dependence on China.

Chinese Police Cars in Australia

While some argue that these vehicles could improve law enforcement efficiency. Others view them as a potential threat to Australian sovereignty. In this article, we explore the controversy surrounding Chinese police car in Australia.

What are Chinese police car?

Chinese Police Cars in Australia

Chinese police cars are vehicles specifically designed for law enforcement purposes in China. They are equipped with advanced surveillance technology and are commonly used for patrol and surveillance activities. In recent years, Chinese car manufacturers have started exporting these vehicles to other countries, including Australia.

How did Chinese police cars end up in Australia?

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) announced in 2019 that it had purchased a fleet of Chinese police car to be used for diplomatic events and other high-profile occasions. The cars were supplied by a Chinese company called Foton Motor, which is owned by Beijing Automotive Group. The deal was reportedly worth $500,000 and included six cars in total.

Chinese Police Cars in Australia

Why are Chinese police cars controversial in Australia?

The use of Chinese police cars in Australia has raised concerns among lawmakers, security experts, and the general public. One of the main issues is the potential for Chinese surveillance technology to be used to spy on Australian citizens or gather intelligence on behalf of the Chinese government.

There are also concerns over the economic dependence on China. Australia is heavily reliant on China for trade and investment. Some fear that this could lead to political pressure to align with Chinese interests.

Furthermore, there are concerns over the implications for national security. Australia has a close security partnership with the United States, and some worry that the use of Chinese police car could jeopardize this relationship.

What is the Australian government’s response?

The Australian government has defended the use of Chinese police cars, stating that they are subject to strict security protocols and are used only for ceremonial and high-profile events. The AFP has also stated that the cars have no surveillance capabilities and that they are no different from any other vehicles used by law enforcement agencies.

However, critics argue that the government’s assurances are not enough, and that the use of Chinese police cars represents a potential security risk.

What is the public’s opinion?

Public opinion on the use of Chinese police cars in Australia is divided. Some view the cars as a symbol of economic dependence on China and a potential security threat, while others see them as a harmless addition to law enforcement resources.

However, a recent survey conducted by the Lowy Institute found that 79% of Australians believe that the country is too economically dependent on China, and 62% view China’s growing influence in the region as a critical threat to Australia’s security.


The controversy surrounding Chinese police cars in Australia highlights the complex relationship between the two countries. While the Australian government maintains that the cars pose no threat to national security or privacy, concerns over China’s growing influence in the region persist.

Whether or not Chinese police cars become a common sight on Australian streets remains to be seen. However, the debate surrounding their use underscores the importance of maintaining a balance between economic interests and national security concerns.

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