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7 interesting road trips to take by car.

Let your desire for road trips in the upcoming holiday season come to life with a list of the most amazing destinations to explore by car.

Crossing through different regions, these special road trips will give you unforgettable experiences while driving on the world’s most scenic highways.

Hai Van Pass, Vietnam – A poetic road.

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7 interesting road trips to take by car.

The Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful tourist routes in Vietnam. The Hai Van Pass is located on National Highway 1A, connecting the two provinces of Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang.

With a height of over 500 meters above sea level, Hai Van Pass offers tourists a stunning view of the central coast of Vietnam.

The special thing about Hai Van Pass is that it has many curves and steep slopes, allowing tourists to experience strong sensations while driving through the pass.

Furthermore, this road provides travelers with some interesting stopping points such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Hoang Sa Shrine, and Lang Co Beach.

With a panoramic view overlooking the East Sea, Jerremy Clarkson, the host of Top Gear, once described the Hai Van Pass as “a deserted ribbon of perfection, one of the best coast roads in the world.”

Đeo May is a winding mountain pass, with one side overlooking the sea and the other side covered in forests and mountains. In addition, the fog from the sea often obstructs the driver’s vision, making it difficult to conquer the 21km road along National Highway 1.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia – A challenging road.

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The Skeleton Coast in Namibia is one of the most unique and fascinating tourist destinations in Africa

It features a long stretch of white sand spanning hundreds of kilometers, emerald-green waters, and most notably, a host of shipwrecks, creating a mysterious and enigmatic scene.

The Skeleton Coast is likened to a black and white painting, with the bone remains of sunken ships and the remaining columns of marine animals. On windy days, large waves crash and scatter these eerie bone blocks onto the beach, creating a unique and haunting sight.

This rugged coastline road covers a third of Namibia’s coastline, spanning approximately 650km from the coastal town of Swakopmund to the Angola border

Despite its beautiful scenery, this challenging road is also known for its tragic past, as it acted like a giant magnet, drawing in the debris of sunken ships offshore.

This is not an easy road to drive, so be mindful of your speed when passing through dirt roads and never leave the road to venture onto the brittle salt pans and desert fields.”

The Grand Trunk Road, India – An exciting road.

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The Grand Trunk Road is one of the most important roads in India, connecting the north and south of the country.

Built in the 19th century, the Grand Trunk Road stretches over 2,500 km, passing through diverse regions with different cultures, histories, and architecture.

Notable destinations along the Grand Trunk Road include Delhi, the capital of India, which features unique cultural heritage sites such as St. James Church, the Presidential Palace, and the Taj Mahal in Agra, as well as the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi and many other distinctive architectural landmarks.

Grand Trunk is the name of one of the longest and oldest roads in Asia. This road has connected all journeys from East to West on the Indian subcontinent for over 2000 years.

This road starts from the city of Chittagong (Bangladesh), passes through 2 countries of India and Pakistan, and reaches the city of Kabul (Afghanistan).

The Great Ocean Road, Australia – A beautiful road.

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The Great Ocean Road in Australia is one of the most legendary roads in the country, attracting millions of tourists every year. It is a coastal road surrounded by stunning natural scenery, including white sandy beaches, lush green mountains, and romantic waterfalls.

The road spans nearly 250km along the Southeastern coastline and is also the world’s largest war memorial.

It was built by returning soldiers after the war to honor those who fought in World War I. The road has become a significant tourist attraction in the region, with several main sights scattered along the coastal route.

The stretch of road between Lorne and Apollo Bay is considered to have the most stunning scenery, with towering and rugged cliffs, beautiful beaches and many ideal spots for surfing.

The Basque Loop, in Spain and France.

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The Basque Circuit Road is one of the most beautiful and diverse routes in Spain and France.

This route starts from the city of Bilbao in Spain and extends over 800 km along the northern coast of Spain and France, with famous destinations such as San Sebastian, Biarritz, Bayonne, and many other beautiful small towns.

A road trip of less than 500km will take you through the Basque Country of Spain to the Pyrenees mountains in France. Heading south from Bilbao on the B1623 highway, turn east towards Pamplona before crossing the Pyrenees on the N135 national road.

At this point, the road will become more challenging, but the breathtaking scenery you’ll enjoy will be well worth the effort. After a rest stop in France, head west towards Bilbao along the Cantabrian Mountain range on the coast road to enjoy dramatic and impressive views with the mountains above and the sea below.

The King – Jordan Highway.

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The ancient 280 km long road through the Jordanian countryside is a more diverse option than the modern Desert Highway

As a trade route during ancient times in the Middle East, the road is steeped in history. It will take at least 6 hours of driving through this windy road, but the reward is also fantastic. Drivers will witness and experience the rural life in Jordan on the way to one of the country’s most famous landmarks: the ancient city of Petra.

Karakoram Highway, Pakistan – The road for adventurers.

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One of the highest paved roads in the world, this place has a somber yet adventurous beauty.

The terrain is quite rugged and steep, but in exchange, you will experience many majestic mountain landscapes. In winter, heavy snowfall causes many shops along the road to close for several months.

In summary.

There are beautiful and exciting roads for car travel all over the world, full of diversity. If possible, experience them at least once.

We only live once, so don’t miss out on these opportunities. Especially if you can travel by car on these 7 roads.

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